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This is to certify that the ILLINOIS POLICE COALITION is currently conducting a drive through the sale of advertising space in our upcoming magazine, as well as an honorary membership drive in conjunction with our upcoming Anti Terrorism and Gang Crime information magazine. The magazine will contain pictures and feature articles. The focus will be terrorism safety, domestic terrorism, gangs and the drug culture they produce in our neighborhoods, in an effort to educate you, your family and create an awareness that will spread throughout the entire
area about the inside workings of domestic terrorism, gangs and the drug culture. We want to also promote safety in the workplace so were going to make the magazine available to the business community. Some of the issues the ILLINOIS POLICE COALITION are working on and will strive to support are:

1. Provide local financial assistance & benefits to injured Police Officers in the State of Illinois
2. Domestic terrorism awareness for business & neighborhood watch groups
3. Coordinate and assist local police organizations to promote community programs
4. Special Olympics
5. Provide scholarships for local underprivileged children
6. Assist in community Youth Programs

Our sole interest is the protection, safety, health and welfare of you. the families and business in our communities.

It is only with your continued support of the ILLINOIS POLICE COALITION that these and
other future programs are made possible. We will continue to take back our neighborhoods one community at a time with your continued support. We tip our hat to you for being part of the solution. A special thanks to our corporate sponsors who have taken our cause to the streets.

Illinois Police Coalition Christmas Gifts Charity

The Illinois Police Coalition in concert with the HISLEA organization bringing gifts to local underprivileged children. We are also trying to bring attention to local needs and issues facing our communities like the after school youth program “Promotores De Salud” project and other grass roots programs, THANK YOU for your continued support of the Illinois Police Coalition.

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